Beauty Treatments


Gel Polish Fingers or Toes £20
Gel Polish Fingers and Toes £35
Gel Polish Removal £10 or £5 removal with a fresh application
Gel Polish with Manicure £30
Gel Polish with Pedicure £30


  • Patch test required
    Henna Brows £30 inc wax and tint
    Hybrid Brows £30 inc wax and tint
    Precision Brows £30 inc wax and tint
    Fluffy Brows (Lamination) £35 inc wax and tint
    Lash Lift & Tint £30


    • Eyelash Tint £12.00
      Eyebrow Tint & Wax £15.00
      Lash/Brow Tint & Wax £22.00
      Eyebrow Tint £8.00
      Lip or Chin Wax £6.00
      Nose Wax £8.00
      Ear Wax £5.00
      Eyebrow Wax £9.00
      Half Leg Wax £15.00
      Full Leg Wax £25.00
      Underarm Wax £12.00
      Bikini Wax £17.00
      Threading Eyebrows £10.00
      Threading Chin/Upper Lip £6.00
      Threading Side of Face £8.00


Hopi Ear Candling £20 (inc mini facial massage)
Naval Candling £20 (inc tummy massage)


Facial Consultation – FREE OF CHARGE

Hot Towel & Steam Facial £40

Lovely facial with steam and hot towel removal

Carbon / Black Doll Facial £50

If you are looking for a skin resurfacing treatment to diminish imperfections, tighten pores and eliminate impurities on the face such as blackheads whilst simultaneously plumping and tightening the skin, the carbon facial treatment could be the answer.

Holistic Pressure Point Facial £40

Luxurious Mini Facial Including Pressure Point Massage And Scalp Massage

Facial with Extractions £35

Exactly what it says 🙂

Back Facial £25

Includes steam, exfoliation, extractions, jelly mask and moisture massage. Skin is then soothed with cold therapy leaving your back cleansed and refreshed.
A treat for the neglected back!!

Korean Facial £99

This procedure does involve 💉💉 but they are very superficial and you will be numbed for the treatment so you are very comfortable, I always ensure client comfort.
This procedure IS NOT fillers, we are targeting the skin, especially around the neck, jawline, and jowls, and depending on the client I can take this all over the face if required. The treatment can be catered for each person individually.

Ice Globe Facial £40

Using ice globes is a form of cryotherapy, which is the use of extreme cold to help blood vessels constrict to reduce the appearance of redness, inflammation or swelling. It also helps decrease puffiness, cools the skin, soothes tired eyes and is even good for releasing built-up tension at the nape of the neck.

Chop Stix Facial – £70

The chopstick facial offers truly amazing results; if you are looking for an instant firming and wrinkle-smoothing fix while providing the skin with intense hydration. The Wand is powered by sonic vibration and rolled all over the face to lift and firm the muscles while dispensing the powerful serum from the roller ball head onto the skin to offer instant hydration.
Lifts and firms
Intense hydration
Plumps and firms
Reduces puffiness
Results are immediate, tense facial muscles are relaxed, eyebrows and cheeks significantly more lifted, leaving the complexion more luminous and glowing.

Coolifting Gun Facial £40

The Cool Lift gun is one of the most exciting pieces of equipment available to the beauty industry and it can change your face in as little as four minutes! It uses a high-speed stream of CO2 at a very low temperature, which is fired at high pressure with atomised actives to encourage micro circulation. This happens when your blood vessels contract and expand in response to the stimulus, and as a result your body’s natural processes are encouraged to create more collagen and elastin – which begin to naturally recover your skin’s tautness – all in a fast, efficient and safe way.

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